LAHORE- Vice Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust and expert on economic affairs, Dr Rafiq Ahmed has stressed the need to eliminate corruption as well as to oust corrupt elements from the society in order to streamline the entire system of the country. He was addressing a seminar on Price-hike, Consumer Problems & Rights and Role of Media arranged by Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Tuesday. He said Quaid-i-Azam also stressed the nation to be determined to eliminate corruption in the country. He said media no doubt can play an important role in this regard but it is also an obligation of the whole society to play its due role in this regard. Corrupt society is a root cause of imbalance in the entire economic system and by pointing out corruption and corrupt elements media can eliminate such evils from the society. He said by involving the nation in such movement, media can be helpful in resolving the issues of corruption and price hike as well. He also advised the consumers associations not to limit the consumer rights to discuss the prices of some goods but to define it comprehensively and see it in broader prospects. He said those only five percent who have high purchasing power had imbalanced the economic system of the country and responsible for price hike and frustration in the society. On the other hand, a major part of the population is unable to purchase flour and milk. Dr Rafique said he is feeling that nation is getting up now against the corruption as well as imbalanced economic system causing price hike because restlessness in the society is depicting a change in near future. He said besides price hike there are a number of other issues in the society, which need to be highlighted including women rights, children rights and other fundamental rights of the masses, which still are neglected. He said consumerism is a root cause of all the problems because the lower class of the society use to follow the upper class and such upper class is influenced by the celebrities. He said consumerism is considered the sign of success in the European countries while situation in Pakistan is different. He said every body wanted to earn money instead of focusing personal characters. He said the government and State Bank giving the massage to the nation that all is well in the country and there is no price hike. State Bank says that bounce back is 9.1 per cent or 9.8 per cent in fact bounce back is more than 12 per cent, he added. He said presently inflation rate is 22 per cent, which is causing frustration in the society. He said the hoarders are responsible for imbalance in demand and supply system otherwise there is nothing short in the country. He said the real role of media is to create awareness among the masses through various programmes especially about such kind of problems in the society. He said move against price hike is the only solution to resolve the issue. Addressing the seminar, Provincial Minister For Prisons Ch Abdul Ghafoor said increasing desires for luxurious life among the masses is the root cause of price hike as every body wanted to earn money by hook or by crook. He said in prevailing circumstances when the country is in the state of war, under the drone attacks and terrorism, which marred the economic system of the country and caused inflation. He stressed the need of unity among all the segments of the society in order to restore and streamline the economic system. He said politicians, dictators and other anti-Pakistan elements are also responsible for the decline of the economic system of the country. However, he said that media must criticise but for the sack of improvement in the system. Kokab Iqbal, Chairman Consumers Association of Pakistan said his NGO is struggling for the restoration of rights of the masses particularly the consumers. He said in fact the consumers are not aware of their basic rights despite the government has implemented the consumer protection act. He said media should create awareness among the masses so that they could get their rights legally. Producer Current Affairs Waqt News Lubna Zaheer said media did not highlight consumers problems. She said media was primary agent of socialisation and a free media sets agenda among the masses. Lubna Zaheer added that our media used more than 80 per cent of its time in political discussion. She further said media should give awareness about the rights of consumers but due to pressure of corporate sector it did not fulfill its responsibilities. She recommended to add consumer rights in course of journalism. Rao Afzal, Assistant Director Punjab Consumers Protection Council said that 11 Consumer Courts were working in different districts of Punjab for protection of consumers rights. According to consumer law issuance of cash memo is necessary, he added. Prof of Economics University of Central Punjab Qais Aslam expressed that media was forth pillar of the state and it can play very effective role to aware people about their rights. He said consumer courts should be on gross root and UC level instead of district level. He said that consumer was very weak community and media highlight and advertise only strong voices. Prof Qais Aslam further said it is responsibility of media to nab government and producers.