LAHORE - A special seminar was held on the concept of green culture and modern approaches in buildings at a local hotel here. Green buildings are all about environment-friendly and resource efficient construction and sustainable operations. Project Management Institute, Director Marketing and Communication, Lahore chapter, Mrs Azra Zaigham spoke about comprehensive short and long-term strategies for not only overcoming the current energy crisis but also leveraging Pakistans abundant natural resources. She suggested a paradigm shift in architecture and designing in Pakistan in order to combat our crippling dependence on fossil fuels especially in the face of skyrocketing oil and gas prices. The seminar introduced the concept of zero-energy and zero-waste buildings as being applied to many modern projects around the world today. It covered the need for energy efficient and environment-responsive design, natural light channeling and automated ventilating systems as well as utilization of alternative energy sources as integral part of green buildings. Environmental friendly construction materials, proper waste management and human working environment were also discussed.