ISLAMABAD Despite his best maiden efforts new induction in the Federal Cabinet, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, PMs Advisor on Finance, has failed to convince the International Monetary Fund for early release of the standby loans 5th tranche by waving off the missed targets. Not only that he stayed back in US after the conclusion of the Strategic Dialogue on March 24 for talks with IMF but he also held negotiations with the Fund through a videoconference on Tuesday, showing no results. According to sources privy to the videoconference, rather than considering Pakistans request for waver on the second quarters missed targets, the IMF has given them a new list of queries and explanations. Therefore, the sources added, the IMF has ruled out inclusion of Pakistans case in the agenda of the Funds Board meetings scheduled for March 31, 2010. They would not be considering Pakistans case before mid April, that too, after having satisfactory explanations not only about the second quarter but also on third quarter which is also ending on March 31, the sources said. During the videoconference, the IMF has asked the government to despatch preliminary figures of the third quarter. The IMF people were really perturbed over Pakistans fiscal deficit getting beyond the governments control as well as the targets fixed for the current financial year.