LAHORE Survivors of terrorist attacks from across the country came together to unveil a Martyrs Monument for the victims of the Moon Market terrorist attacks here on Tuesday. The event remembered those 49 people who were killed in the terrorist attacks on 7 December 2009 and was attended by victims, family members, friends of those killed and market traders whose businesses suffered as shops were destroyed. The gathering was led by Global Survivors Network member Tahir Wadood Malik. He lost his wife in the Taliban terrorist attacks in Islamabad on 5 October 2009. Other guests included the Chairman of Moon Market Qaumi Tajir Ittehad, leaders of traders unions in Lahore, faculty members and students from NCA and FC College as well. The Global Survivors Network launched in Amman, Jordan, in November 2009 and aimed to bring together survivors of terrorist attacks from around the world by giving victims a platform to speak. The main cause of our gathering here to remember and support those who killed in terrorist attacks, Tahir Wadood said. CarieLemack, the founder of the Network who lost her mother on 9/11 said, The courage and solidarity shown by the victims of the Moon Market terrorist attacks sends a very powerful message to terrorist organisations in Pakistan, and across the world, that their indiscriminate actions are not tolerated under any religion and do nothing but cause destruction to the lives of hard working innocent civilians.