Pentagon officials say The Pakistani army chief has informed the Obama administration that Pakistan will not launch a 'steamroller' operation in North Waziristan, although it already has 40,000 troops in the area combating militants. Briefing journalists on meetings between US and Pakistani military officials during last week's strategic dialogue, a senior Pentagon official said US officials have also seen evidence supporting what they learned from Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, reported a Private TV channel. The official, on condition of anonymity, says troops deployed in North Waziristan were in the process of doing small operations in different areas of the tribal region. He also said that Washington implemented new auditing procedures in 2008 on the instructions of Congress, which have caused delays in reimbursements to Pakistan. It is now trying to expedite reimbursement of 1.5 billion dollars it owes to Pakistan. The official also gave details on how the United States was helping Pakistan in the fight against terrorism... According to him, since 2008 the United States has doubled its security assistance to Pakistan. In fiscal year 2008, the US provided more than 1 billion US dollars to Pakistan in security assistance and training. This doubled in fiscal year 2009 to just over $2 billion, and as projected, the security assistance for 2010 surpassed the amount given in 2009. The official also released details of US military assistance to Pakistan during this period. It includes 14 F-16 aircraft, five fast patrol boats, 115 self-propelled howitzer field artillery cannons, and more than 450 vehicles for the Frontier Corps, hundreds of night-vision goggles, day and night scopes, radios, and thousands of protective vests and first aid items for Pakistan's security forces. In addition, the US has provided funding and provided training for more than 370 Pakistan military officers in a wide range of leadership development programmes covering topics such as counter-terrorism, intelligence, logistics, flight safety, medical and military law. The official noted that from 2001 to about 2006-07, the US had disbursed about $6.3 billion in reimbursement costs to Pakistan.