ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistans ambassador in the United States Hussain Haqqani has said that the Pakistani delegation during the recent round of strategic dialogue with the US exchanged a document regarding countrys strategic vision and there was no such thing called the wish list. Talking to a private television channel late Monday night the ambassador said the document was prepared jointly by all the stake-holders which defines countrys strategic paradigm and concerns. We expect that the US will understand demands of our national security, although we do not expect a cent percent response from the US, he said. Explaining the concept of strategic dialogue, Hussain Haqqani said, there are some issues which belong to everyday diplomatic affairs of the countries but a strategic issue is the long term issue related to strategy of relationship between the two countries clearly defining the differences. Feeling the need for a strategic dialogue in countrys domestic politics he said it was imperative to educate every one to understand the differences which could be borne and which could not be compromised on. He said the strategic partnership relates to long term cordial relations based on each others needs and the process by which the parties can fulfil mutual requirements. In the past we maintained a day to day relationship with the United States rather than having a strategic partnership, he said. He said Pakistan was part of CEATO and CENTO but the country never contributed to issues related to both the treaty organisations and they did not fulfil our requirements like defence against India. We have now decided to develop long term cooperation for a long term relationship, he said.