The constitutional reforms were supposedly designed to bring separatists back into the mainstream politics but Sardar Akhtar Mengal has recently declared that their rebellion would continue. In fact, Talal Bugti is even reported to have said that 70,000 Balochs are being trained by the Indians. I think this report about training of Balochs by the Indians should be investigated by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and if found correct, proofs should be made public. After these statements by the separatists, the constitutional reforms, which are actually concessions to these elements, become null and void as an offer. They should be scrapped altogether. If these reforms are implemented now, they would only render the centre weaker and, in my opinion, our country cannot survive with a weak centre, especially when foreign powers are also interested in breaking it up. You see, Israel wishes to neutralize our nuclear program and India wants to retain its illegal occupation of Kashmir. I fully appreciate the stand taken by Nawaz Sharif. He may have actually saved Pakistan by doing so because this Senator Rabbani of the constitutional reforms committee was doing nothing but trying to please and appease people like Sanaullah Baloch. There is another point we need to ponder here too. Originally, all items in this package were to be dealt with separately as they were to be discussed in Parliament. But the package has become redundant now as the separatists have themselves refused to accept it. Every now and then, we hear some anti-state leader parroting the same old rote of all the sovereign states offered in the 1940 resolution. What they do not know is that there was another resolution afterwards that had been passed by the All India Muslim League in April 1946 at Delhi. The Delhi Resolution clearly said one state and the name Pakistan was also mentioned therein. The 1940 resolution, therefore, had become redundant in the context it is quoted. -ZAFAR ISRAR, Karachi, March 30.