LAHORE - Pakistan has strongly raised technical objections against the controversial water and power projects being built on the Indus River while India has assured that no other project, except Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak hydroelectric plant, is under construction, as the three-day parleys of the Indus Water Commissioners concluded in Lahore on Tuesday. The dialogue on the Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak powerhouse remained inconclusive, as both the nuclear-armed neighbours did not move even an inch from their respective positions. The next round of talks is scheduled for Delhi in May. During the talks, India presented the design of the controversial Chutak hydroelectric project being built on Indus River. On Monday, Pakistan raised technical objections against the Nimo Bazgo Dam and termed it a 'sheer violation of Indus Water Treaty. After the conclusion of the meeting on Tuesday, Pakistans Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah told reporters that New Delhi had assured that no other project is under construction except Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak hydroelectric plant. Jamaat also said if India failed to satisfy Pakistan over the construction of controversial projects, Islamabad had the option to approach the International Court of Justice, adding that Pakistan has also demanded inspection of the rivers under the Indus Water Treaty. Indian Indus Water Commissioner G Auranga Nathan said: India never stole or blocked Pakistans share of waters and has assured Pakistan that New Delhi would implement Indus Water Treaty in letter and spirit. Referring to Pakistans concern about the violation of Indus Water Treaty, Nathan remarked that India had never violated the treaty, saying: It is just a media trial. During Sundays parleys, Pakistan sought changes to the design of Nimo Bazgo Dam. But India rejected the demand and insisted that there was no need of any change. Jamaat also reiterated Pakistans demand for a telemetric system to measure the inflow at remote points in both the countries. He further said India could not remove Pakistans objections regarding Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak power projects on the Indus River.