Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Qazi Anwer said that neither he is an agent of the Chief Justice nor he termed all the Parliamentarians as 'smugglers. He said that he would be happy if the Parliament handed him death sentence. Reiterating his earlier stance, Qazi Anwar, said the parliament does not have the right to appoint judges. Talking to media outside the Supreme Court, he said that 'smugglers can be part of the Parliament but without verification; they were abused in the National Assembly, Senate and provincial assemblies. He said that Fauzia Wahab called him mad and also said that 'I need treatment in hospital. He said that judiciary is a professional institution whereas the Parliament can do law-making under the limits. Qazi Anwer said that he always advocated the oppressed and nobody would be allowed to interfere in works of independent judiciary.