KARACHI A slew of hockey rules introduced over the years in the name of making field hockey fan centric and goal-oriented has already distorted the face of the sport and has given physically fitter European nations a certain edge over traditionalists sub continental teams like Pakistan and India. And now a rule in its experimental stage regarding penalty corner when made part of the Hockey Rule Book would give further advantage to the Europeans which are quick to accept the new rules than the sub continental teams who prefer to grunt, grumble, crib and resist than accepting the change immediately only to lag far behind to their own disadvantage. The proposed new rule which has already been experimented in some international matches orders banishing a rushers from the goal line during the penalty corner for breaking the line before the push is taken. The first breach would result in banishing one of the five defenders from the goal line to the center line and any subsequent breaches would result in repetition of the penalty until the push is taken. Banishing a defender from the goal line to the centre line is an addition to the penalty corner rule. Previously if the line was broken during the push, a retaking of the push was awarded. However repeatedly breaking the line used to result in receiving temporary suspension. In the new experimental rule, the caution or warning has been done away with and replaced with removing one of the defenders to centre in line instead sending him off the field as was done previously. Will this rule will be applied in the coming National Hockey Championship which pushes off here April 3 at the Hockey Club of Pakistan will be decided by Pakistan Hockey Federation. Rashid Butt, the umpires manager designate for the coming national event has informed The Nation that if advised, the new rule would be implemented in the championship. He said he would hold umpires briefing at a meting on April 2,a day ahead of the actual start of the action. During the briefing, the umpires nominated to supervise matches would be told about the new rules that were recently applied in other international championships. Some of the new rules which will be seen first time in Pakistan are about free hit in which the attacker could restart the play without taking the hit, 25 meters rule in which a free hit given inside the 25 meters could not be hit directly in the circle, top of the circle free hit in which the ball had to be taken five meters or passed before it could be taken in the circle and two minutes suspension for a green card rule. In the meantime, all the 10 participating teams including the out of town teams have reached the city to prepare for the championship. All the teams are training daily since morning till evening at the Hockey Club of Pakistan. The participating teams will finalise their eighteen for the championship on April 2 evening in the coaches and managers meeting with the tournament director. A scrutiny of age is also expected to be carried out later in the evening. Players over thirty have been barred from playing. However players who played for Pakistan in New Delhi World Cup are exempted from age restriction rule. The umpires meeting will be held later in the evening.