LAHORE After the conclusion of the qualifying rounds, the main draws matches were played for mens singles and boys singles U-18 category in the Honda Cup National Ranking Tennis Championship here at the Model Town Club on Tuesday. In mens singles, all the seeded players apart from Tanveer Ashiq comfortably walked into the second round including Aqeel Khan who is seed no 1. Tanveer who is 4th seed of the tournament, had to fight hard to get into the next round when unseeded youngster from Quetta Tamoor Mehmood put maximum effort to force Tanveer in making unforced errors throughout the match. Most of the long rallies ended up in favour of unseeded player who was also looking physically fit. Tanveer could hardly managed in the final set and displayed some good work in finishing the volleys . Tanveer won the match with a score line of 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (5). On other hand bit interesting match was expected between Rashid Malik (Former Pakistan No1) and Shehzad Khan young tennis star of Faisalabad and Malik was very easily beaten by Shehzad Khan in straight sets with a score line of 6-2, 6-2. Results mens singles first round: Aqeel Khan beat Saadan Ul Haq 6-2,6-2 Gul hameed beat Gohar Riaz 6-4,6-2 Imran Shokat beat Irfan Ullah 6-3,6-3 Tanveer Ashiq beat Tamoor Mahmood 4-6,6-4,7-6(5) Munir Ashiq beat Mubarik Shah 6-2,6-2 Heera Ashiq beat Fahad Ali 6-3,6-3 Yasir Khan beat Usman Ijaz 6-2,6-2 Rehman Malik beat Ali Murad 6-0,6-1 Shezad Khan beat Wakeel Khan 6-4,6-3 Shehzad Khan beat Rashid Malik 6-2,6-2. Results boys singles u-18 Shah Naseeb beat M. Hassan 6-2.6-1 Saadan Ul Haq beat Durab Babar 6-0,6-1 Hassan Riaz beat Nabeel Ahmed 6-3,6-3 Ahmed Babar beat Hassan Tariq 6-3,6-3 Usman Rafiq beat Aman Anwar 6-1,6-0 Makik Abdul Rehma beat Hamza Mazhar 6-1,6-1 Hashim manzoor beat Imdad Amer 6-2,6-4 Smeer Iftikhar beat Talha Zubair 6-1,6-1 Ahmed Ch beat Aizaz ud Din 6-1,6-4 Jibran ul Haq beat BASIT Gabol 6-2,6-2 M. Haseeb beat Hassan Shahid W-O Madhi Umair beat Fahad Nazir W-O Faizan Khuram beat Saad zafar 6-0,6-0 Sajid Ali beat Kashan Ul Haq 6-4,5-7,6-1 Ahmed Saeed beat Hamza Munir 6-4,6-1 Heera Ashiq beat Ali Murad 6-0,6-0 Programme for today (March 31) Mens Singles matches will start at 10 am Boys Singles matches will start at 9-30 am Ladies Singles Draws and Draws for Boys U-14 will be held and there matches will be started at 3 pm.