LAHORE - The Virtual University (VU) service and leave rules do not conform with the public sector universities and hence creating unrest among the employees hampering its performance and quality. The important VU campus at Garden Town in the City is also devoid of enviable working condition environment and facilities needed for such a university. The VU was earlier working under the administrative control of Ministry of Science and Technology and now autonomous, but its rules neither conform to the federal government nor to autonomous educational institution. For instance, the VU is working six days a week but the timings are equal to those institutions working five days a week ie 8am to 4 pm. The Higher Education Commission, which controls and funds the public sector universities, allows scholarships and leave to the MPhil and PhD scholars, but both these facilities are denied by the Virtual University to its scholars. The Punjab Education Department also allows scholarship and leave for researchers of MPhil and PhD and all other public sector universities except the VU. More astonishing is the fact that there is no summer or winter vacation in the University teaching and non-teaching staff. Still more perturbing is the fact that 12 and not 25 casual leaves in a year are allowed to them, which defy the leave rules of the government as well as autonomous institutions. One would feel strange to see the Garden Town campus of the VU at a small piece of land where over 70-member teaching and non-teaching staff is jam-packed in small cabins sitting in front of their computer sets for on-line instructions. They are vulnerable to multiple diseases emanated from radiation including the eye-sight weakness, eye infection and back-ache. The strength of Virtual University runs in thousands including the overseas students and it is increasing every day fetching revenue but the working environment of the staff is not comfortable. There is also no transport and overtime facility to the staff for working during odd hours. The VU Raiwind and Shadman Campuses are comparatively better but the Garden Town campus is deplorable.