The Foreign Office spokesperson’s statement that India can build run of the river projects on Indus waters comes as a surprise. Did he not know of the 260 small and large dams that India is in the process of constructing and about 50 of these have already been completed? The Indus Waters Treaty signed between the two countries, strongly forbids India not to build dams on three western rivers granted to Pakistan. India has brazenly violated that provision. Since agriculture forms the mainstay of economy, which cannot survive without water, the damage to our crops and farming community has been colossal. The Baglihar, Nimobazgo and Kishanganga dams are few of the mega-projects that have bled us dry. India’s water blockade has also seriously hampered Pakistan’s electric generation capacity. It is a crying shame that under circumstances of the sort, when our Foreign Office should be on a diplomatic offensive, it is, in its innocence, encouraging India to go a step further. Also on the question of electricity’s import from India, he expressed ignorance, which gives the impression that the plan to import 5000MW of power was made without an input from an important concerned institution. And what could be worse that India is now about to sell us electricity generated on our share of canal waters while we have not been able to build Kalabagh Dam to cater to the country’s needs.