Two British nationals of Pakistani origin have been subjected to a brutal gang rape in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi. Both of them were part of a humanitarian convoy destined for Gaza, the Palestinian coastal enclave under an Israeli blockade. Quoting security officials, a Western news agency reported five British nationals had been kidnapped by an armed group in Benghazi and that one was sexually assaulted. The victims are reported to be looked after at the Turkish consulate in Benghazi. These ladies were on their way to Benghazi airport when they were stopped shortly after passing a checkpoint manned by the national army and were then taken to a place where the heinous crime happened. Libya has all along been a supporter of the Palestinian cause and it was shocking to know that such a crime would be committed against those who were carrying some relief goods for the stranded people in Gaza. Israel had been preventing virtually all kinds of humanitarian assistance from reaching Palestinians in Gaza and had blocked two aid flotillas on their way from Turkey to Gaza. In one instance, the Israeli Navy opened indiscriminate firing injuring several persons on board. Libyan government must initiate a strong action against those responsible so that no such incident occurs again. On the other hand, all Muslim states must ensure that those stranded in Gaza Strip due to Israeli atrocities must be rescued and provided all that they need. It is time to help our Muslim brethren.