Recently, I happened to read in a newspaper that former Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting had stated that he wanted to play another season with Tasmania after they won the Sheffield Shield Competition. Ricky Ponting, who retired from international cricket in December 2012, scored 875 runs at an average of 87.50 in the season, which was the highest in the season by any batsman. He was also named Sheffield Shield Player of the Year. “I have told Tasmanian cricket this week that I am really keen to play again next year,” Ponting said. “In the same breath, I have also told them not to contract me. I do not want to take a contract spot and pull out at the last minute,” Ponting added.This shows how mature and professional Australian cricketers are. Ponting is not sure whether he will be as fit as he is today to play in the Sheffield Shield Competition some time from now. In Pakistan, many star cricketers, who were unable to perform, do not want to retire but were forced to retire. In the current Pakistani team, many senior players must look towards Ponting and decide about their future.


Karachi, March 29.