The country continues to be in a severe grip of energy crisis with over 20-hour long blackouts. This has crippled hundreds of industrial units resulting in massive labour layoff. During its entire tenure, the government did not add a single megawatt of power to the national grid and kept relying on RPPs. They did not even bother to tap natural resources leave alone build the Kalabagh Dam that would have provided electricity at the cheapest rate beside irrigating massive tracts of land which are now barren only due to lack of water. Alternate Energy Board is also to be blamed which has failed to launch a mega-project during the past 10 years.

Pakistan is blessed with third largest coal reserves, yet only 200 megawatt is being produced. Similarly, 55 thousand megawatts of electricity could be produced by windmills in Karachi, Thatta, Hyderabad, Jewani and Balochistan coastal areas. The potential is just being ignored. Soon after the elections when a new government would take over, the top priority should be diverting all attention as well as resources to start work on Kalabagh Dam that has been declared the most viable project by international financial institutions and experts.