Whenever, I go out for some work, I notice that more and more vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and wagons and motorcycles, are plying on the roads. Quite obviously, not all of them are moving around with some productive purpose. But at the same time, many would be there on the roads merely for joy rides and fun. Pakistan is meeting its POL products requirements, as high as up to 85 percent, through oil imports. The country’s oil import bill is increasing every month and year which is not something to be appreciated.

As responsible citizens we should, in all fairness, try our utmost to avoid wasteful consumption of petrol, diesel and CNG to ensure that the country’s oil import bill remains under control and, more importantly, on the lower side. I realise that response to this plea of mine to avoid wasteful consumption of POL products will not be positive somehow as many would be putting one argument or the other in support of their being on the roads in their vehicles. If we cannot avoid wasteful consumption of POL products, then at least we can adopt some fuel-saving measures in this era of innovative technological progress.

Most of us must have read in recent months about fuel-saving measures such as an imported innovative technology-based equipment which gives saving in petrol, diesel or CNG consumption in a vehicle up to 25 per cent without any compromise on mileage. I think this is not much to ask from the people in the public and private sectors in the larger interest of the country.


Lahore, March 29.