Steps taken by Election Commission of Pakistan should be admired, as these steps will help the electoral process to be genuinely democratic. But all these measure will not bring about the desired results without proper execution. The annals of the law alone will not be able to bring this nation about.

The crux of the problem is that some politicians are not following the proper ‘conduct of election’ as stated by the ECP. For example, they are being openly violated in PP 230 and NA 166 Arifwala district of Pakpattan. Neither political parties nor the candidates are ready to abide by the electoral laws, and most important of all, the existing governmental machinery is being used in the election campaign. The government servants are rendering their services to prospective candidates and public offices are being used as camp offices.

All the appointments and transfers have been banned. It seems as if there is no one to keep a check on the despicable activities of these candidates. I would like to request Chief Election Commissioner to equip the district Election Commissioners with necessary powers to take strict actions against these black sheep in order to ensure free and impartial elections.


Arifwala, March 27.