Karachi generates about two-thirds of revenue of Pakistan and thus plays an important role in building the economy of the country. An unstable Karachi means an unstable Pakistan. Karachi’s major problem is its dense population, which needs resources to be provided to citizens to control security issues. The second problem of Karachi is its being mini-Pakistan in which people from all over the country are living, although controlling different communities is a difficult task for law-enforcement agencies.

The third problem of Karachi is the law and order situation which becomes difficult for security agencies to maintain. The fourth major problem of the city is sectarian violence and discrimination of people on the basis of caste and religion. As mentioned above, different languages are spoken and different people from inside Pakistan are living in Karachi.

Different parties have been formed on the basis of religion and caste and, as a consequence, these have created problems for citizens who are forced to observe strikes and wheel-jams. All these affect the economy of Pakistan very seriously. Moreover, as a result of targeted killings many people have lost their lives. Therefore, the government and law-enforcement agencies should do their best in order to overcome Karachi’s acute law and order problem.


Karachi, March 29.