KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has lamented that people of Pakistan and India are not mentally close despite close proximity.
“It is my wish and desire that hatred and distance between people of India and Pakistan must change into a relationship of love and friendship,”Altaf Hussain expressed these views while addressing the participants of "Alami Mushaira" organised by MQM’s ‘Ghawara-e-Adab’ at the Lal Qila Ground.
This international Mushaira was organised in the memory of well-known poet Mohsin Bhopali. People had come to attend this event from across the globe, including India , US, Canada and other countries.
Commenting on the relations between India and Pakistan , he said “More than 67 years have passed after the partition. However, people of India and Pakistan have not been able to come closer. People’s minds in both the countries have been poisoned in such a way that they have forgotten the rules of correct or polite behaviour in society, which guides how to live with the neighbours.”
He further said that the people of India and Pakistan should understand that wars have failed to bring any results.
Division of India has occurred. We should form a union like the European Union so people can move between the borders freely. It is my prayer that it happens. I have been making efforts for this, he said.
Altaf further said that people of both the countries can do business on small scale. If the people of India and Pakistan become economically prosperous, they will avoid hatred and will not fight, he added.
Poets and people affiliated with arts in both the countries can work for the development of peace. They should organise literary gatherings frequently. We can defeat people who talk about war with the message of love, he added.
He congratulated and praised the efforts of his people for organising such an event and also thanked all the poets and writers for their participation.