PESHAWAR - Member government’s negotiation team Rustam Shah Mohmand claimed on Sunday that Taliban had made no formal demand for the release of prisoners and it was merely their wish.
Talking to BBC, Rustam Shah Mohmand said the government was mulling the issue of prisoners’ release . He said any prisoner detained without any evidence would definitely be considered for release .
He said Taliban had already been told that government would continue observing ceasefire even after the expiry of deadline.
Rustam denied any deadlock in negotiations process and said it was a phase-wise process which would be completed gradually. He said the points raised by Taliban and the government committees were being considered by both sides. He said the dialogue process was on track. The government committee member said that Taliban should have free zone facility where they could move about without fear.
He said there were many areas in Fata where Taliban and the government negotiators could hold talks freely.
However in an interview, member Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) negotiation committee, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, said an exchange of non-combatant prisoners would be made very soon between the government and the outlawed TTP.
Professor Ibrahim said the confidence building measures process between the government and the Taliban had started. He said the crucial details would be worked out at a joint meeting of government and Taliban committees. He said the government committee had a meeting with the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Professor Ibrahim said both the committees (God willing) would soon be going to the tribal areas for holding the second key meeting with Taliban Shura.