Earth Day is a joke that our governments play on us every year. They religiously switch off the lights on public and private buildings for the specified number of hours and think they have done their bit in saving the Earth. They appear to be ignorant of the purpose of the Earth Day which is to make us aware of the colossal amount of power being consumed just to keep these lights on, most of this power being produced by burning oil, coal or gas, which produce green house gasses, which bring about climate change.

For two years years the rhetoric has been about power from coal, which would have been anti-Earth Day. Now for some reason, which has nothing to do with Earth Day, the rhetoric has shifted to small dams, which by the way produce none or very nominal power, so much for contributing to Earth Day..

There are not enough sites left in the country for medium dams. Of the two mega dams, Bhasha dam with all its limitations will take ages to build, and Dasu dam will give power but no water. The last I heard, Pakistan was still an agricultural country needing water as much as it needs power. KBD is the only dam that can be built in 4 to 5 years which will give us 3600 megawatts of power, to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and make a sizeable contribution to Earth Day. It will also give us 6.1 million acre feet of water to feed 12 crore people.


Lahore, March 27.