Any regimentation in Muslim world on basis of Shiah or Sunni sect will be their undoing and only benefit those who dream of a greater Israel. I belong to Sunni school of thought, and consider members of Shiah sect Muslims, because they believe in basic fundamentals of Islam. There should be no doubt that all Muslims hold Hazrat Ali RA) and his family in highest of esteem. In Sunni school of thought, all men are equal and unlike physical assets, nobility cannot be inherited by birth.

The irony is that it is in most Sunni Muslim countries that monarchy exists, with all its brutalities. Unlike Christianity there is no concept of priesthood or professional clergy in Islam. Christian Europe has suffered hundreds of years of brutalities by connivance of Church and State and finally come to the conclusion that religion and state should be separated. Similarly it is time that Muslim world realised that insatiable greed of men in power, willing to exploit religion for nefarious objectives, has done more harm than good.


Lahore, March 28.