Health department, Government of Sindh, conducted walk in interviews of doctors on March 24 and 25, for the post of medical officers (BPS-17), for 6 months contract period. I would like to highlight a few things. Hundreds of doctors from different districts came on both days and waited for 16 hours, from 10 am till pass midnight. There was no planning, no lists, no facilities and no provision of drinking water. No one knew what was happening. During this interview only 2 questions were asked, I wonder how anyone can assess the competency of hundreds of candidates by asking only two questions.

Many know that the doctors hired on a six months contract will be made permanent soon and this is an easy way to bypass Sindh Public Service Commission. Health Department will allocate the seats, by their will and will murder merit. It’s shameful how people from such a respected profession were treated and how unfair it is to gift these seats bypassing SPSC laws.


Larkana, March 28.