Technical Education is inevitable to alleviate unemployment and hunger in the country, speakers during a meeting said.

Azam Nazir Tarar and Ahsan Bhoon, members Pakistan Bar Council, urged the government to open technical training institutes in the remote areas of the country so as to enable the youth to stand on their feet and help eliminate hunger and unemployment. Earlier, they inaugurated a Technical Training Institute here.they

Meanwhile, a seminar to save the masses from dengue was held in the government Post Graduate College for Women Hafizabad in which the speakers stressed the need for creating better sanitary conditions around their surroundings to save them from mosquitoes.

He also highlighted other preventive measures to save them from dengue virus. The seminar was chaired by Zahida Nasreen, the principal of the college, and was addressed by professors and students. Later, the participants strongly condemned the Lahore blast in which more than 70 precious lives were lost. ‘Fateh Khawani’ was also held for the martyrs. They expressed heartfelt sympathies with the local family whose three members were also martyred in the Lahore blast.

ARREST: Abubakar, owner of a brick kiln, was arrested on the charge of forced labour of minor children. On a tip off, Umar Farooq Warraich, assistant commissioner of Hafizabad, raided the brick kiln and recovered minor Abubakar who was forced to labour at the kiln by the owner. The child was got freed from the clutches of the owner. The AC has warned the kiln owners from forced labour of minors otherwise stern action would be taken against the violators of law.