Islamabad - Former Deputy Director Estate Management (EM)-II, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Syeda Shafaq Ali Hashmi (PAS/BPS-18) is facing departmental proceedings under E&D Rules, 1973 over misplacement of files of seven industrial plots in sector I-9/2, The Nation has learnt reliably.

The plot numbers 52, 53, 54, 57, 58, 59 and 60 were transferred in the name of different persons by CDA under mysterious circumstances in 2013 and soon after, the files of the said plots went missing from the CDA office, most probably by the then deputy director Syeda Shafaq, the documents available with this correspondent suggest. Files of the said plots available with BCS and revenue directorate confirmed that the plots were transferred without issuance of NOC from the relevant formations of the CDA.

Director security CDA held a fact-finding inquiry to determine the responsibility and concluded that the files which were handed over to Syeda Shafaq Ali, the then deputy director EM-II, were misplaced in the Estate Management-II Directorate. The inquiry committee also found that the plots were transferred and the transfer letters were issued after embossing and the same were handed over to one Arif Bhatti, a property dealer. The transfer letters bear the signatures of Syeda Shafaq, the inquiry confirmed. The director security CDA had recommended that a formal inquiry should be ordered by the chairman CDA in this matter and the director EM-II, DD EM-II and subordinate staff should be nominated as accused in the case and inquired. Subsequently, the case was handed over the FIA, Islamabad.

Director FIA Islamabad in his inquiry report said that the inquiry was registered on the complaint of one Malik Imran Ali, a resident of Islamabad, who stated that the plots were transferred in the name of different persons by CDA without payment of their sale consideration as well as without their consent/appearance in the CDA. He further alleged that the plots were transferred in favour of those persons whose names are not included in the NOC issued by the CDA. However, the FIA found that all the plots were sold to the present allottees and separate sale deeds were got registered against each plot before the joint sub-registrar Islamabad wherein the complainant along with his brothers testified that they have received all the payments/sale consideration of these plots from the purchasers.

On the issue of misplacement of files, the inquiry report concluded that the files of the plots were misplaced from EM directorate of CDA. The inquiry officer recommended that the issue of recovery of fee on account of change of trade, bifurcation and change of title as well as nonconforming use of these plots may be dealt by CDA in accordance with the CDA bye-laws. Moreover, he said, a formal inquiry to thrash out the circumstances of misplacement of files may be conducted and the responsible officers/officials may be dealt departmentally.

Initiating departmental proceedings, Abdul Razzaq, chairman inquiry committee, President’s secretariat (Public), Aiwan-e-Sadr Islamabad has sought relevant record from the CDA in the case. According to a letter written by Abdul Razzaq to the CDA high-ups, the record is required to proceed under E&D rules, 1973 against Syeda Shafaq Ali Hashmi (PAS/BPS-18) who is allegedly responsible for missing files of the industrial plots in sector I-9/2 Islamabad.

The chairman has asked the CDA high-ups to provide original diary/dispatch register whereby files of plots number 52-60 of Industrial Area, I-9/2 Islamabad were handed over to the accused deputy director of the CDA. The chairman inquiry committee has also sought statements of CDA’s EM wing.

The fact-finding inquiry regarding missing of files was held at the CDA and it revealed that as per record (diary register) of law directorate, the files pertaining to plot number 52, 53, 54, 57, 58, 59 and 60 in industrial area, sector I-9/2, were forwarded by EM-II directorate on January 11, 2013 and the same were recorded in the diary register in law directorate vide diary number 148. The said plot files were forwarded to EM-II directorate which were recorded vide diary number 5361 dated February 26, 2013. As per diary register, the files were marked to assistant director on February 26, 2013.

As per statement of Abdul Rauf, senior assistant, dealing hand, before the fact-finding committee, the said files were handed over by him to Syeda Shafaq Hashmi, the then deputy director EM-II on March 1, 2013 and he entered the same in his movement register vide serial number 2459.

He further stated that the said files were not returned back/received to him till date. He produced before the committee photocopy of dispatch register of EM-II directorate which indicated that the transfer letters for the aforesaid plots were issued on March 15, 2013. The dispatch register further indicated that the transfer letters were handed over to a person by hand. His signatures were obtained at the time of handing over the letters.

During inquiry, original dispatch register was not provided by the dealing staff of EM-II directorate. Imran, junior assistant stated that the original dispatch register is missing. Amir Khan, junior assistant who had made entry of the transfer letters in the dispatch register stated that previous entry of the transfer letters in the dispatch register was made by Yasir, LDC but due to some mistake in the letters, the same were retyped and produced to him by Muhammad Abid Aziz, sub-assistant EM-II directorate for dispatch. This was why he entered the old dispatch number i.e. 377 to 429, dated March 1, 2013, Amir further stated before the fact-finding committee.