KARACHI - The Karachi Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation(EO)on Wednesday announced the results of Global Entrepreneur Indicator(GEI)Survey March 2016, in which 74.4 percent of EO Karachi respondents expressed their willingness to start a business in the current economic environment of the city.

The survey results for Karachi are based on a feedback from 43 respondents, and some of the key findings in the survey include that 79.1 percent businesses in Karachi have seen a rise in the number of their full time employees in the last six months; 83.3 percent Karachi entrepreneurs have reported an increase in their net profits; 90.5 percent entrepreneurs project further revenue growth in the coming six months; and 83.7 percent are optimistic about Pakistan’s overall economic outlook and growth opportunities for businesses.

“The GEI team is very excited over the outcome of the survey, and is sure that these small firms could definitely help economy ride out bumps in 2016.” remarked Kashif Merchant, Marketing & Communications Chair for EO KARACHI Chapter.

The EO Global Entrepreneurs Indicator reveals the current economic expectations that how well the economy will perform during an upcoming quarter or year.

Over half of nearly 6,000 entrepreneurs were questioned in the survey globally, including the members of EO Karachi Chapter.

The EO Global Entrepreneur survey’s respondents were from 155 chapters of 48 countries.

These entrepreneurs employ more than 2.4 million workers, and have also invested more than $539 billion in global economic activity.