LAHORE  - Robbers yesterday shot and killed a father of three during an attempted mugging in Lahore’s Islampura.

Police investigators identified the victim as 26-year-old Muhammad Ali Raza. The deceased used to run motorcycle-rickshaw to feed his family.

Two gunmen stopped Ali on the Outfall Road yesterday morning. The bandits held up the man and demanded cash and mobile phone at gunpoint. Ali tried to fight back bandits when one of the robbers opened straight fire at him with a pistol.

The rickshaw driver sustained five bullets and expired on the spot. The robbers collected Rs4000 and a mobile phone from his pocket and fled instantly.

A police investigator said the bandits also snatched away the motorcycle of the victim. The body was moved to the morgue for an autopsy.

The Islampura police have registered a murder case against unidentified killers and are investigating with no arrest made yet.