LAHORE - Punjab Governor Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana has underscored the need for forging solidarity at every level at this hour when the nation is up against the scourge of terrorism.

“At present the need for national unity is so pressing that as it was never before,” the governor said while talking to Jamiat Ahle Hadith head Prof Sajid Mir who called on him here yesterday.

Rajwana said the present situation demands every Pakistan to rise above personal level in the larger national interest. He urged the religious scholars to play their role in maintaining harmony.

“The country cannot afford the politics of protests and a more judicious approach is required to meet the challenges. We are passing through a critical time, and unity and show of complete agreement on the national issues is what can steer us out,” he added.

The governor said in order to stand united and with consensus in the world, it is essential that everyone cultivates the habit of tolerating others and avoid such practices that can bring bad name to the country.