“Investigators have so far not found anything indicating any

illegal intervention or terrorist action”

–Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry–December 2015.

While the Egyptian government initially maintained that the plane crash in the Sinai desert in October 2015 was not an act of terrorism, the reports from Russian and Western intelligence forces categorically refuted this claim. Not only that, But the Islamic State also lay claim to the attack, corroborating the claim from intelligence agencies. The hijacking on Tuesday, although not terror-related, achieves more or less the same purpose, and will likely to have a negative effect on Turkey’s tourism industry, which was once one of the cornerstones of its economy. International observers have repeatedly pointed out the flaws in Turkey’s airport security and the lapses that have been made in the past. If these were accounted for, and if the overall political situation improves in Cairo, Egypt will become a popular international tourism destination once more.