Islamabad - The Supreme Court yesterday ordered the federal government to immediately remove newly appointed director general of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and appoint a qualified person within 15 days.

A bench headed by Justice Amir Hani Muslim took up contempt plea filed by ex-DG FDE Shahnaz Riaz, who challenged her removal from the post on April 7, 2015.

The same bench on February 1 took strong exception to the appointment of Moinuddin Ahmad Wani on the same post.

He was a grade-19 officer but was working on a grade-20 post. Wani was the brother of Prime Minister’s Press Secretary on Media Coordination Mohiuddin Wani.

The bench had ordered the secretary Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) to remove Wani immediately and appoint new DG FDE. The CADD was also asked to submit compliance report within 15 days.

In compliance of the court’s order, the CADD on Tuesday submitted a concise statement before the bench, wherein it submitted that Moinuddin has been repatriated to his parent department and Dr Ali Ahmad Kharral has been appointed as new DG FDE.

However, the bench again objected to the qualification of new appointed DG because he was the vice principal of an intermediate college and according to the criteria, the nominee should be the vice principal of a degree college.

The secretaries of CADD and establishment division appeared before the bench. Deputy Attorney General Sohail Mahmood on their behalf submitted that the newly appointed DG is over qualified as he is PhD in English. But the court rejected his argument and directed the government to remove him immediately.

Likewise, the bench taking strong exception over the transfer of ex-DG FDE Shahnaz in National Institute of Science and Technology has ordered the government to cancel her transfer and appoint her in a department related to CADD.