Islamabad - Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) in its meeting held yesterday reviewed the progress on the projects initiated by late Gen (Retd) Hameed Gul while the feasibility of new projects also came up for discussion.

The meeting which was held under the chair of PESS Gen (Retd) Ali Quli Khan took up host of issues relating to the welfare of the members and the problems being faced by them.

President of the society Gen (Retd) Ali Quli Khan informed the members about his meeting with Adjutant General Pakistan Army wherein the allocation of land for the PESS, health, education facilities, job opportunities and pension related issues facing ex-servicemen and their families came up for discussion.

He further informed the participants of the meeting that Adjutant General was informed that some irrelevant elements under the leadership of Commodore Farooq Mirza, who is not even the member of PESS, are pretending to be the chief organizer of PESS and organizing fake meetings and spreading negative propaganda.

It was noted with satisfaction that the weekly meetings of the PESS are being organized on regular basis under the new President and it was decided that legal action against all those elements would be taken who are misusing the name of the society to further their personal agendas and defaming the cause and purpose of the PESS.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Ex-servicemen Association (PESA) yesterday announced full support for the anti-terrorist operation launched by Army in Punjab after Lahore carnage. It lauded the initial success in nabbing a number of militants and their facilitators in the widespread operation across Punjab terming it a right decision at a right time, said a press release here.

Terrorists do not confine to provincial boundaries therefore operation should be extended to cover entire country and Rangers’ operation at Karachi be also incorporated within it, it added. This was observed in an urgent meeting of executive council of PESA with its President Ali Kuli Khan in chair.

Vice Admiral Ahmad Tasnim, Air Marshal Masood Akhtar, Lt Gen Naeem Akbar, Brig Mian Mahmud, Brig Masud ul Hassan and Brig Simon Sharaf were also present. Colonel Sajjad and Col. Mumtaz from PESS also attended the meeting.

The meeting expressed deep sorrow and offered prayers for the people who lost their lives in Lahore blast.

Civilian intelligence agencies have not yet been able to break into the terrorists’ network to keep pace with operation Zarb-e-Azb which can nullify all success and sacrifices of the troops and leaving nation will at the mercy of terrorists.

The military intelligence agencies were appreciated to have arrested a senior agent of Indian intelligence agency RAW who has been heading its anti-Pakistan efforts in Balochistan, they said.

There have been reports since long about Indian involvement with separatist elements of Balochistan but this is the first case of getting solid evidence against India’s anti Pakistan activities.