To discuss Pakistan’s cricket has now become an embarrassment. Pakistan's problems in limited overs cricket in recent times can be attributed, in large part, to a wobbly top order and death overs bowling. In the Asia Cup and WT20, our overall performance has been below par yet again. PCB is to blame for most of our problems but does that completely exonerate players? What are the standards our XI donning green have set themselves? What do they aspire for? A couple of commercials? I am sure they estimate themselves very highly but do they have the performances to back their sense of inflated selves?

Of course a few heads will roll in PCB, just for formality, but no substantial work would be done. All these officials will be moved to other departments in PCB and a new captain will be announced. And this nation will forget everything; same wine would be filled in new bottles. Bewilderingly, PM Nawaz Sharif instead of firing the whole of PCB has sought a report from chairman of this recent tragedy who in return constituted a committee out of his own coterie and comically named an unworthy person to lead a body to investigate the reasons behind dismal show at Asia Cup and WT20. Instead the person chosen to head the reporting committee should have been also made accountable for these unceasing failures because he’s, at present, chairman of cricket committee at PCB and is affiliated with the board since decades. He’s a man who confidently berates legends and no action has ever been taken against him by the chieftains of PCB. Recently, he called the great Majid Khan a “duffer” and went so far as to pass off-handed remarks on the character of our national hero the great Wasim Akram on air. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That does not mean you fall from grace while expressing it. That said, no one has ever inquired about the credentials of gentleman himself namely; Shakeel Sheikh. I wonder why.

According to the new Constitution of PCB, Mr Sethi has the major control of PCB affairs and chairman Sharyar only has ceremonial powers, he’s a “dummy” chairman. Sethi being a chairman of executive committee, should be held liable for all this chaos. Sethi was the one who supported Big 3 with pomp and show; my question is that what benefits have we gained so far in return for supporting them? Sethi would have earned himself a lot of praise from fans if India had played a home series with us in return and if IPL had given contracts to Pakistani players; but he miserably failed in this aspect.

No doubt, the selection committee and the management should be confronted and its report should be made public; but I would recommend that people who made this senseless decision of appointing this immature selection committee and management should be interrogated and held accountable as well. Since 2012 Pakistan have tried as many as 20 different batsman in top three and yet with little to show for it. Haroon Rasheed and Shahid Afridi made blunders by trying different openers in each series. For instance, Bial Asif played in ODIs due to his performance in T20s but amusingly he was dropped from T20s without playing a match. While the likes of former greats such as Mark Waugh are in crew for Cricket Australia; we have a selection committee, in which three selectors with exception of Haroon Rashid, has total pool of experience of only 20 Test matches among them. Talent is always nurtured and groomed from the grass root level and for that we need to work on U19 and fist class cricket. For instance, in India, they’ve employed the great Rahul Dravid with U19 lads and we’ve installed a coach who hasn’t actually played a single Test for Pakistan. So many bad appointments on all levels in our cricket structure but there is little probe done into these decisions and decision makers. Recently, Shaharyar Khan rejected the report of special committee against Zakir Khan who was the manager of U19 cricket team in the World Cup. The committee squarely pinned the blame on Zakir Khan for the losses in U19 World Cup. Shaharyar Khan rejected the report of the committee and no action has been taken. What was the point of constituting a committee when you had to reject its report?

For the next World T20 we need to start planning now. It begins from the audit of the players and taking important decisions including a few long due send offs. If we don’t plan now and make those important decisions we should not really expect a different result in the next edition of the World T20. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity?