LAHORE: The All Pakistan Muslim Student Federation’s (APMSF) central Punjab committee held a meeting that was based on structuring its provincial body, code of conduct, various committees and councils, future line of action and event calendar.

The APMSF members discussed ways and means of bringing the party into mainstream and creating a vibrant political force before the upcoming general elections of 2018. The APMSF Punjab committee decided on a three-stage plan to finalise the organisation, organize its workers’ convention and hold a ‘jalsa’ to show its political force. At different spots membership camps will be put up too.

APMSF aims to work like All India Muslim Student Federation (AIMSF) which was a bridge between the Muslim League’s leader and the masses and resulted in the creation of Pakistan. During the meeting it was also decided that former President Pervaiz Musharraf will address the students.

The participants renewed their pledge to defend former President Musharraf till ‘the last drop of their blood’ and announced a massive reception for him on his return to Pakistan.

The meeting was conducted by APMSF Central Punjab President Saad Malik while others included Khanzada Hamid, Kamran Sajjad, Haider Ali, Nina Rizvi, Shumail John, Salman Yazdani, Umar Zaman, Aman Marwat, Muslim Hussain, Riaz Khan, Haseeb Randhawa and Ali Jan Qadir.