According to The Independent, Young men wielding sledgehammers have attacked the headquarters of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party.

Police said several people were detained for questioning over the assault during Friday' morning's rush hour in Athens.

Youths smashed the glass front of  a shop inside the party's offices, which sit on a busy road, and threat red paint at the entrance of the building.

Golden Dawn became Greece's third-largest political party in the 2015 general elections, with a rise in popular support during the country's major financial crisis.

Party offices have been targeted in the past in bomb attacks, while two Golden Dawn members were shot dead in 2013 in an attack claimed by a far-left militant group. 

Some analysts classify the group as neo-Nazi and fascist because of the praise of Nazi leaders and use of symbols associated with the far right, although the leadership rejects the labels.

Its manifesto states the “ultimate goal of forming a new society and a new type of man” and claims that Greeks' “superior” race “needs to be strengthened”.