ISLAMABAD - Federal Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar on Thursday announced to extend the Prime Minister’s National Health Programme (NHP) to Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

While addressing the 15th national steering committee meeting of the NHP here, she said that the federal government will pay the entire premium of the enrolled families in Sindh and KP with no expenses borne by the provincial governments.

Four districts of Sindh and KP each will get benefit from the programme and an amount of Rs8.1 billion has been allocated in this regard, the minister told the meeting.

“The next phase of the programme will cover the entire country providing services to families living below poverty line,” said the minister.

The meeting was convened to take into account the launch of the programme in Sindh and KP with 100 per cent federal funding.

“The programme will provide health coverage to the poor families whose daily income is below Rs200,” the minister said.

Initially, the NHP was launched in 23 districts which is now being expanded to 60 districts including 11 districts in FATA, 10 districts in AJK, 7 districts in Gilgit Baltistan, 11 districts in Punjab, 12 districts in Baluchistan, 4 districts in Sindh and KP each and ICT with 3 million beneficiaries.

Sharing the progress of programme, the minister said that so far 17, 000 patients have been facilitated under the programme.

Sharing figures, she said that 104 open heart surgeries have been performed, 119 treated for different forms of cancer, 643 cataract eye surgeries, 1,289 caesarean sections performed, 1,080 normal deliveries, 796 appendix operations, 658 operated for gall stones, 866 hernia operations, 830 hysterectomy, 275 angiographies, 217 angioplasties and 469 dialysis.

“So far Rs200 million payment has been made to the empanelled hospitals for treatment of the enrolled patients,” the minister said.

The minister said stringent monitoring was being done through federal, provincial and district level monitoring units.

The meeting was attended by health officials, representatives from PM Office, provincial health departments, ministry of finance and partner organization.