LAHORE -  Chief Traffic Officer Rai Ijaz Ahmed on Thursday said that at least four driving schools would be established in different parts of Lahore to train young men. The students of colleges and universities will be given driving licences with digital features at the completion of training courses.

He was addressing the participants of certificates distribution ceremony held at the police driving school at Thokar Niaz Baig. At least 43 students including 20 women were handed over driving certificates at the completion of their training during the ceremony.

The traffic police chief said that thousands of people including some senior citizens were given training at the driving school since 2014. “It is the need of the hour to establish more driving schools. We can control accidents on roads by providing best training to young drivers,” the CTO said. “Therefore, the city traffic police department has decided to establish another four driving schools in Lahore.”

The officer said that road accidents could be averted if motorists would follow the traffic rules and laws. He said that the untrained drivers also pose a serious threat to other citizens. “In most of the road mishaps, we have seen, the cause of accident was wrong driving or untrained driver,” he added.

The CTO said that people, worldwide, attended regular classes at driving schools and they are allowed driving on roads only after successful completion of their training. He said that the provincial metropolis badly needed more driving schools where new drivers should be given training according to international standards.

The chief traffic officer said that his department had been imparting three-week training to the new drivers at the state-of-art driving school Thokar Niaz Baig. He also appealed to the parents to get their children enrolled at the driving school so that the new drivers could be given proper training before they start driving on city roads.