Through the columns of your reputed newspaper. I live in keamari. I want to draw the attention towards the poor water supply in our society & to raise the water table for future use. There is a great scarcity of water in our society .We are receiving water for only 3 to 4 hours in the whole day. The pressure of the water is very low that it is very difficult to finish the household work in time and the water supply is also very dirty and unclean. So I request the concerned authorities to improve the quality of water supply in our area and increases the power supply so that the people of our area do not face the problem. 

Everyone is aware that water is our basic necessity and we cannot do without it so we use it properly. No one is conserving water .Water resources are reducing at a high level. It is our duty to save water. All of us must understand the urgent need to save water. We should not waste a drop of water. In rainy season we should harvest water. 

The government and public Must take urgent steps to Solve this serious problem. 

I hope some positive action will be taken by the authority at the earliest. I hope you will publish this letter in your esteemed newspaper so that some actions can be taken in this matter. 


Karachi, March 16.