Silpi is rather big -a populated village in District Ghizar, Gilgit-Baltistan which is deprived of almost all basic facilities like water, electricity, metal road, adequate education institutes, and infrastructure, to name a few.

Despite being adjacent to the District Headquarters Gahkuch-only about 0.5km away- this village is not included in the town area, thus keeping it devoid of facilities and funds. We do not see the mainstream media highlighting such issues when it comes to Gilgit Baltistan.

Due to the scarcity of irrigating water not to forget the lack of clean potable water, crops and trees in the valley are drying every other day.

There is only one government Middle School for tens of thousands of students. Shockingly, one cannot find a single First Aid Centre in the entire. Prolonged load shedding and power breakage are included in the woes of hapless residents of this village.

As of today, no government rate of land and property is available so far; hence, the government is usurping the land for its developmental schemes at ridiculously low rates.

For how long will the local government of GB turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the woes of this village? Residents of this village deserve all necessities of life like the rest of Pakistan. It is a humble request to the Chief Minister GB to look into the tribulations of Silpi village and so many other villages across the region with same grave woes.


Gilgit-Baltistan, March 11.