KARACHI : Matloob Hussain Mosavi, a reporter of Daily Jang newspaper, was whisked away by unknown armed men who barged into his house in wee hours of Saturday.

According to journalist body Karachi Union of Journalist-Dastoor, around 20 armed men broke into the residence of Matloob Hussain in Salman Farsi Society, within the remits of Alfalah police station.

The raid was carried out in wee hours of Saturday allegedly by security men, who later took away the Daily Jang reporter along with them. According to KUJ-Dastoor, a delegation of the journalist body visited the residence of the reporter and also went to the police station where the police showed their ignorance of the raid. The journalist body said that the raid, conducted allegedly by the personnel of some law enforcement agency, while concealing their identities, violated chadar and chardewari of the house of the reporter and was against the violation of basic human rights.

“The journalist community is concerned over such actions against journalists and demand early recovery of Hussain,” it said.

The KUJ-Dastoor said that the LEAs could investigate anyone but forcibly disappeared persons were against the rule of law. It further asked the IGP Sindh to take notice of the incident and take action against those involved in it.

The brother of Matloob Hussain- Minhaj- revealed further that the individuals behaved badly with the family members as well, locking them in a room and taking Matloob away.

Minhaj further cited neighbour’s accounts as well who stated that the men had arrived in plain clothes bearing arms in three vehicles of police, Toyota Prado and Toyota Vigo. He said that his brother was a social activist, who had no affiliation with political or religious organisations, and possessed liberal and progressive opinions. Furthermore, it was revealed that the family had also filed an application at Alfalah police station.