Rawalpindi                -          The administration of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) has sacked three doctors from service allegedly for lodging complaints against provision of substandard personal protection kits and shortage of masks and gloves in the wards where coronavirus suspected/confirmed patients are being treated, according to details.

The doctors have been identified as Woman Medical Officers Dr A Qazi, Dr Maria Khalid and Medical Officer Saad Bin Tariq. However, the hospital’s Medical Superintendent issued a notification citing “inefficiency and misconduct” the reason of firing of the three doctors from service.

Meanwhile, a team of young doctors and nurses also called on MS BBH Dr Muhammad Raffique and conveyed their concerns over non provision of personal protection kits, N95 masks and gloves to doctors and paramedics working in coronavirus wards.

According to details, some young doctors including Dr A Qazi and Dr Saad bin Tariq approached AMS Administration Dr Zafar and lodged written complaints that they were facing hardships in performing duties in absence of proper personal protection kits and other protective equipment in the wards where coronavirus patients are being treated.

They also raised concerns over provision of substandard personal protection kits to paramedics in the hospitals. Nonetheless, the administration had not removed the concerns of the young doctors and stopped their salaries besides holding inquiry against them.

In light of the initial inquiry report, MS BBH Dr Raffique showed the door to the doctors.

All the three doctors were working in hospital on adhoc basis, according to details.

Meanwhile, MS BBH issued a notification No. E-1/Misc/Admin/2020/ 12759-65 dated 28/3/2020 while firing three doctors from service. “The three doctors had refused to impart duty in coronavirus wards and violated the government’s National Health Emergency announced due to outbreak of Covid19,” it said. The notification read, “Due to inefficiency and misconduct, the services of the three doctors are required no more in the hospital and all were relieved from service.”

The MS also directed the three doctors to report to Secretary Health Office, Lahore with an immediate effect for further action.

During a chat with The Nation, MS Dr Muhammad Raffique denied that doctors were sacked for raising concerns over low quality personal protection kits. He said all the doctors are being given personal protection kits and other equipment as per criteria of government. He said doctors were relieved from duties after they refused to treat patients.

Contrary to stance of MS BBH, Dr Saad Bin Tariq said they had not refused to serve the patients but had asked the hospital administration to provide doctors with full personal protection equipment so that they remain safe from being infected with Covid-19 while treating patients.