A new strain of coronavirus also known as COVID-19 was identified in China in December 2019. This virus was declared as a global Pandemic by WHO and has reached 185 countries and infecting more than 700,000 people, resulting in over 37,000 deaths as of date, worldwide.

Pakistan till date has 1717 cases, 23 deaths with the majority of the patients being in Punjab, Pakistan. Washing your hands, social distancing and isolation have been the most effective of all strategies in flattening the curve of health burden in already overcrowded hospitals and overworked health care staff.

An already fractured and fragmented healthcare system in Pakistan is struggling to meet the increasing needs of patients being detected for coronavirus every day.

Patients are scared to go to the hospitals to avoid exposure, elderly are isolated and confined within their home being most at risk, children and pregnant mothers are unable to find doctors in case of emergencies. In this time of national crisis, the technology of telemedicine can play a great role in acting as an enabler to help many patients in need.

Globally, telemedicine is being used right now by many doctors to connect to patients who can be treated at home for primary care ailments.In Pakistan, a telemedicine company,run by two young and energetic female doctors, Dr. Sara Saeed and Dr. Iffat Zafar is trying to help.

Sehat Kahani is a telemedicine platform that connects female doctors to patients in need using telemedicine using our network of E- clinics in low income communities and via our mobile application for corporate companies and consumers.

Committed to their vision of “democratizing healthcare for all using technology,Sehat Kahani has Partnered with Digital Pakistan led by Tania Aidrus to combat coronavirus using The Sehat Kahani Telemedicine App.

This app will connect any patient who is in need of advice, counselling and education on COVID-19 to qualified PMDC licensed female doctors 24/7.This service is free for users for 3 months so that maximum patients can connect to a female doctor while maintaining social distancing, isolation and quarantine.

Users can download the App, connect to doctors available on the platform via “consultme” or “Book Appointment” option.The patients can select the doctors based on their symptoms or specialty required.

Tania Aidrus, CEO Digital Pakistan has appreciated Sehat Kahani’s effort and has called out to more telemedicine providers to join the cause.