ISLAMABAD                 -             Katherine Jenkins has broken her silence on the street robbery which left her ‘shaken up’.

Last year, the musician, 39, was mugged for her £500 iPhone after she bravely attempted to stop her attacker snatching an elderly woman’s handbag on King’s Road in West London.

Nearly four months on from the incident, the singer has defended her ‘instinctive’ decision to help the victim, and has even insisted she’s ‘forgiven’ the teenage mugger due to her Christian.

‘If it happened again, I’d do it again’, the media personality defiantly told. The classical songstress claimed she stepped in as the elderly woman was ‘clearly in distress and screaming for help’ during the attack which took place weeks before Christmas.

She explained: ‘So many people just walked past. It was an instinct to rush over and, in doing so, I got attacked as well. It’s part of my faith to give people a chance and show forgiveness.’