PESHAWAR              -          Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has warned take a strict action against those who are trying to create an artificial shortage and price hike in the markets by hoarding commodities of strict actions and said that nobody will be allowed to exploit the prevailing situation.

He said that the district ad­ministration and other relevant agencies had been fully mobi­lized across the province to mon­itor such elements adding that anyone found in such activities would be dealt with an iron hand.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the Chief Minister said that he is personally monitoring the market situation on daily ba­sis through the district adminis­trations.

He said that there is no short­age of commodities of daily use but some elements are trying to earn extra profit by hoarding commodities of daily use, how­ever, the provincial government will not let anyone do so.

The Chief Minister urged the elected representatives to play their effective role in keeping vigilance on such elements in their respective constituencies and to keep close liaison with the local administrations so that those involved in hoarding could be brought to book.


Advisor to Chief Minister Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa on Informa­tion Ajmal Wazir has said that the corona crisis is a national is­sue and it can be overcome by through collective efforts.

While visiting different places in Peshawar city and Peshawar Cantt on Monday, he met with businessmen and general public and inquired about the govern­ment services delivery.

Shopkeepers involved in sale the of edible items and medi­cal equipments informed the advisor that they are ensuring supply of goods to the public at reasonable prices in order to en­sure that essential services and items are provided to public.

Ajmal Wazir praised the na­tional spirit of businessmen stating that collective efforts are necessary to combat the crisis