Due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), four reports have also been confirmed in different cities of Pakistan. To avoid this virus, it is significant to follow some precautions; especially, wear a mask. On account of a novel coronavirus, storekeepers in Hub Chawki, began to take advantage of the fearful situation, instead of helping masses.

I went to buy a mask as a precautionary measure. I asked from all the medical stores of Hub Chawki but, I was told that the mask is not available. I wondered where so many masks went in one day?

After a while, one of my friends told me that masks are available at a medical store, located in Sakran Road Hub Chawki. Therefore, I ran to that store and asked for a mask. The store owner replied, “a packet is worth Rs. 900 but we do not sell”. I tried a lot to buy a mask but the storekeeper told me to get lost.

The fact is that all medical stores in Hub Chawki have masks, but they don’t sell. Because, they are waiting for the opportunity; if Coronavirus enters in Hub Chawki, the demand for masks will increase and their masks would make a lot of money. Namely, they have no value to humanity but to sell their masks at a high price.

I appeal to the high officials, that those involved in the artificial price hike of masks must be dealt with an iron hand and the Balochistan government should provide at least mask management to its citizens.