LAKKI MARWAT              -             Local traders yesterday asked the gov­ernment to announce a financial com­pensation package and remission of utility bills for them.

Talking to this correspondent here, a group of traders said that the lockdown imposed by government due to the co­rona virus threat had badly impacted their businesses. They feared that food items and other such articles would be­come decayed if the period of lockdown was further extended. “I sell fried fish on main bus stand in Lakki city and I had un-fried and fresh fish worth Rs30,000 at my outlet when traders were direct­ed to close their shops due to the lock­down”, claimed a worried small trader.

Another shopkeeper said that small traders were in a panic about the pay­ment of rent of shops and utility bills.

“From where we will arrange money to pay the rent of shops”, he said add­ing that closure of shops and business activities has aggravated the econom­ic condition of small traders in the dis­trict. They said that small businessmen were short of financial resources and making both ends meet was becoming a hard nut to crack for them.

“Complete or partial lockdown is jus­tified in an area where corona virus cases have emerged or the government has established quarantine centres for affected or suspected patients”, they maintained, asking the government to reconsider the decision of lockdown in the areas which are free from virus prevalence. They also demanded of the government to remit electricity, water and gas bills of small traders and an­nounce a comprehensive compensa­tion package for them.


Meanwhile, the local administration dis­persed people and impounded 20 vehi­cles in Naurang city for violation of Coro­na virus related guidelines and advisory.

Additional AC Aminullah Khan along with police contingent and TMA staff­ers reached bazaars located along grand trunk road when he learnt about presence of large number people there. A good number of residents were seen unnecessarily wandering in the city ba­zaars while many others had come out of homes to buy essential commodities.

The administration’s official through loudspeaker directed the people to dis­perse and stay indoors. After announce­ments from TMA’s fire truck people started leaving bazaars for their homes.

The additional assistant commission­er also impounded 20 vehicles and for­cibly stopped volleyball matches at two different places in Naurang town. He also fined several traders for violation of relevant laws and warned them to avoid hoarding and creating artificial price hike in markets.


In a related development, the tehsil municipal carried out disinfection spray in residential localities of Lakki city on Monday to stop spread of COVID-19.

Following the instructions of deputy commissioner Abdul Haseeb the tehsil municipal officer Almar Khan consti­tuted several teams and tasked them to carry out spray in residential areas of urban locality”, said Haji Anwar Khan, head of the water supply department.

He said that the teams consisting of employees of water supply, sanitation and fire brigade departments had com­pleted the process of cleaning residen­tial localities with chemicals.

“The areas where disinfectant spay was carried out include Mohallah Meenak­hel, Mohallah Michenkhel, Bilal town, Mo­hallah Gul Waliabad, Mohallah Zafrikhel, Mohallah Totiabad, Mohallah Bilalabad, Sheen Bagh chowk, Sabzi Mandi and Ta­bleeghi Markez”, he maintained. The TMA official said that safety of citizens from pandemic was the top priority of mu­nicipal administration. “The municipal staffers are fully alert to cope with any situation”, he added and asked people to stay at homes, maintain cleanliness and avoid crown places and public contacts