ISLAMABAD               -            City managers have de­cided to install locally manufactured walk­through disinfectants at multiple locations in Islamabad to avoid spread of coronavirus.

A senior officer of dis­trict administration has informed that or­der has been placed for 50 indigenously manu­factured walkthrough­disinfectants and same would be installed on the locations, where the people often visit i.e. SabziMandi and en­trances of slum areas. He informed that the first consignment of 10 such walkthrough­disinfectants would be received on Tuesday and installed at dif­ferent locations and after that same would be replicated in rest of the areas as well.

People in China and other parts of the world are walking through similar dis­infectant machines to ward off the coronavi­rus but experts donot think it works how­ever these are consid­ered a precautionary measure.