Welcome back and thank you Mr President for making us proud. The flamboyant lifestyle that you lead in 3000 square feet royal suites, one for you, one for heir to the Zardari dynasty, is the envy of kings. The President of USA and the PM of that tiny, little island called Britain have a cause to be jealous. Poor Gordon Brown lives in a small townhouse with a total covered area of no more than 3,000 square feet. Your foreign visits are the only thing that brings amusement and hope in our dreary lives especially in the times when we are bombarded with miserable stories of the economy gone bankrupt and the country facing an insurgency that has displaced millions. I am sure, given your devil may care attitude, that all is well and that there is nothing to worry about despite all the unnecessary criticism on your extended foreign tour which you do at great inconvenience to your delicate self in supreme national interest. Please rejoice in the moment as long as it lasts. Keep on smiling and don't unnecessarily worry about the perennially suffering masses whose fate is to complain endlessly. -SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN, Multan, via e-mail, May 19.