The family of one Irfan Qureshi held a protest at the Hyderabad Press Club and the national press also carried reports about the ordeal of this patient, whose intestines were badly mauled and cut when he was operated upon twice to remove gauze and bandage from his abdomen, in an operation horribly gone wrong in a private hospital. A professor of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro had performed his initial surgery. For a serving professor to be blamed for this sort of negligence is certainly a disgrace for the medical profession as well as his institution. Here are a few suggestions to encompass broader improvement policy. (1) Lower courts should be empowered to initiate suo moto action into serious medical complaints of the public. (2) Special trial courts should look into negligence in diagnosis and treatment of patients. (3) Media should carry out periodic reports on hospitals and conduct of doctors. (4) The health department should introduce performance audits of hospitals/clinics that should cover all health-related checks. Members of civil society should be included in panels conducting audit. (5) Syllabus of medical education must have a subject on social attitude/ behavior to deal with patients and holding of seminars/workshops for doctor-patient relationship. (6) Introduction of health insurance services. (7) Patients should be to pay doctor/hospital through cross cheques to ensure that doctors/private hospitals pay their due taxes. -S. BUKHARI, Karachi, via e-mail, May 29.