ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari Saturday asked the bureaucracy to adopt and formulate such policies that would win the hearts and minds of the people and to get out of the troubles and challenges confronting the country. The President expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the federal bureaucracy at Aiwan-e-Sadr on Saturday. While unveiling the vision of the government, the President said, With efficient delivery of services, we will convert the challenges currently facing the country into an opportunity for the good and benefit of the people. The participants of the meeting were of the opinion that cumbersome rules and lengthy and complicated procedures had handicapped the performance of the government and suggested to simplify the governments business that would enable them to take efficient and quick decisions. Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamer Zaman Kaira and Secretary General to the President M Salman Faruqui were also present during the meeting. The President while addressing the meeting said that displacement of more than three million people from their homes was a serious challenge for the country, which could only be tackled with the active and generous support and assistance of the international community. Such a huge displacement never happened in the history, the President said. Referring to resources rich Pakistan, the President urged for harnessing the countrys potentialities, resources and human capital for the good and welfare of the people. We could convert our human resource into a useful and exportable commodity, the President said. The President said, In spite of a lot of attractive avenues offered by the private sector, we still have brilliant and talented people in civil service with the sole purpose of serving the nation. He expressed the governments commitment to improve the capacity of the bureaucracy to become responsive in delivering basic public service in an efficient, effective and equitable manner. The President underscored the need for equipping the bureaucracy with the latest skills and knowledge to enable them to work to their full potential and play their role in improving the system of governance. The President called upon the federal bureaucracy to rise to the occasion in responding to the present-day challenges by joining hands with all elements of national power to steer the ship of the country out of the rough sea to the safety of the shores. A strong capable and efficient bureaucracy that was responsible to the government and was bound by rules and regulations and not influenced by the whims and caprice of individuals was an element of national power, the President said. The President said that the present era was marked by an instant communication, Internet and a market economy driven by private entrepreneurship fuelled by an efficient administrative framework overseen by an efficient bureaucracy. The government is aware of the changing requirements of bureaucracy and that is why I have invited you all for an interactive meeting to get your inputs and ideas. We will hold such meetings more often and we expect you to express yourself without fear and in national interest, the President said. Transparency in administration and a merit based bureaucracy, which is neither haunted by fear of persecution nor persecuted by lack of facilities and inadequate compensation is what we aim at, the President added. The meeting was preceded by an interactive session during which some of the federal secretaries shared their views and experiences regarding ways and means to ensure good governance in the country. Those who spoke on the occasion included Zafer Mehmood, Salman Siddique, Salman Ghani, Ashfaq Ahmad Gondal, Shafqat Naghmi, Tariq Puri, Najeebullah Mailk, Shahid Rafi, Rafiq Pasha and Zafar Altaf.